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Ethically Sourced and Treatments

All jewellery made at Camber & Kernz is responsibly made.  Only 100% genuine gemstones are used to produce their hand-crafted; unique pieces.

Most of Camber & Kernz gemstone purchases are sourced from Jewellery Maker. This and sister company Gemporia support the Equal World Foundation.
Their charitable work focuses entirely on improving health and educational facilities for the people who live in the areas they work, and pride themselves on providing their customers ethically sourced gemstones and supporting the mining communities from where the gemstones originate. This funding supports research-based projects that will deliver long-term, sustainable benefits to communities from the gemstones sold.

Their gemstones are sourced from all over the world, from Sri Lanka to Tanzania, Cambodia, Madagascar, Zambia and Mozambique.
They ensure that the mines they purchase from are environmentally responsible and insist on an ethical supply chain. Mother Nature has hidden a lot of her natural treasures in very remote areas of the world, but gem exploring and extraction provides a much needed income to these remote communities. Wherever possible, they work directly with gemstone mining communities to ensure that they are engaged in a fair and sustainable way.
This means you can buy in confidence knowing that your purchase from Camber & Kernz will make a real difference, through the ethical sourcing supply chain.

In your purchase, you will notice some slight variations in the tone, colour saturation and shape of your stones due to the nature of the rough material provided by Mother Nature. All this helps to add to the beauty and character of each individual bead or nugget, allowing us to create unique jewellery designs.

The enduring value of gems and pearls is largely a result of their beauty, durability and rarity. It is this aspect that has pushed humans to create less expensive alternatives to the natural product. These include imitations such as glass, fully synthetic counterparts of natural gems and enhancements that modify gems and pearls to make them more valuable.

Certain acceptable enhancements have been practiced for thousands of years. The dying of Agate is one example. Others, such as irradiated blue Topaz, are solely a product of the technological advances of the modern age. Enhancements often have an impact on the value of precious stones, with the highest prices paid for natural gems of fine quality that have not been enhanced in any way beyond ordinary cutting and polishing. For most gems today, enhancements are a basic part of the finishing process.

As a gem is modified to a greater and greater degree, the change in value is also greater (the marketplace sets the values of both natural and enhanced gems). The least expensive gems are those fully made by man (synthetics), because the supply is essentially unlimited. Thus they have limited or no rarity.
Our suppliers of gemstones takes enhancement disclosure seriously and, to the best of their ability, provides their customers with complete information on any and all enhancements to which a gem has been subjected.  While many enhancements are currently undetectable, our suppliers does its best to ensure that customers have full access to information for an informed buying decision, by using  American Gem Trade Association guidelines , which is the most stringent in the industry.

Since certain enhancements are undetectable or difficult to detect, our suppliers approach is to assume that all items are enhanced unless , there is specific gemological evidence that shows the item has not been enhanced or the item is of a type for which enhancements are not typically used.  They do their best to describe their gems in a clear, consistent and honest fashion.
Our approach at Camber & Kernz is to give our customers the same information we would like if we were purchasing the piece for ourselves.
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