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Benefits of having Copper in your life!

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There has been a lot of information around the use of Copper over the years, and I just want to pull some of this together in one place for you...

Copper is an antioxidant that can improve the condition of your skin, it can be Anti-Aging. It can safeguard your cell membranes from free radicals and helps your skin and joints produce collagen and elastin to prevent premature aging and promote skin elasticity. Even the Egyptian gods Cleopatra and Nefertiti used copper to stay youthful.

Copper is a component of melanin, which provides pigment and sun protection to your hair, skin and eyes. It also aids in the production of new cells, replenishing the top layer of your skin to produce a smooth and clear appearance.

Copper destroys and inhibits the growth of microbes, fungi and bacteria, including E Coli. It can be used as medicine when ingested (from water stored in a copper vessel) or applied topically to boost your immune system, prevent infection, improve wound healing and speed the healing process of tissues. In fact, the U.S. EPA found copper to be the only solid material that can kill bacteria that pose a threat to human health.

Copper is a brain stimulant that is associated with higher thought processes. Copper opens neural pathways and encourages creativity and improved brain functioning. In short, it makes your brain work faster and more efficiently – who doesn’t want that?!

Naturally anti-inflammatory, copper can be used to provide relief from aches and pains caused by arthritis or inflamed joints. It also has bone and immune system strengthening properties.

It can also slow down bone loss and osteoporosis in older women when taken in conjunction with other key vitamins including zinc, calcium and manganese. Copper has bone-strengthening properties and its collagen-forming qualities encourage strong bones and connective tissues.

Copper can reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) and triglyceride levels, and increase HDL cholesterol (the good kind). Having more good than bad cholesterol can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

Copper helps your body absorb iron (from food and other sources in your intestines) and release it as needed to essential organs like the liver. Copper regulates blood flow and improves your circulation by maintaining iron levels in your blood. This aids your body in maintaining a healthy red blood cell count and adequate oxidation in your internal organs.

Copper is an essential trace element that is great for your digestive system and metabolism. It can aid in the digestion of food, kill harmful bacteria that might be present in your water, and reduce inflammation in your stomach.

Adding copper to your diet can help you lose weight. Copper helps fine-tune your digestive system, break down fats, and helps you to eliminate more efficiently.

According to the American Cancer Society, copper has considerable anti-cancer effects. Copper has antioxidant properties that fight off free radicals, which are a cause of cancer.

Water that has been stored in a copper vessel is positively charged and full of natural antioxidants.

Source www.yogaapproved.com

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